Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Tuesday, Dec. 11th (Section 1)


1. (section 1) Santa letters were handed back. Students were to make note of what they must improve on in order to adhere to the format and expectation of writing a formal letter.

2. Summary re-writes were read to fellow students. Student partner draws the features of the setting and makes a remark to the writer regarding which features of the land were missing or well-described. Remember: Without the full picture, the maximum band a student can reach is 3.

3. Students were to read the rest of their summaries to each other with information regarding Muni. Partners are to mark how many features are described.


1. Complete the reading for A Horse and Two Goats with annotations.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wednesday, Dec. 5th (section 1 and 2) Thursday, Dec. 6th (section 3)


1. We collected and read aloud some of the formal complaint Christmas letters that students wrote for homework. Be on the look out for sample letters posted soon.

2. We then read the first two pages of the short story, A Horse and Two Goats. We annotated the story together and then compiled information on a diagram that looked the like the following:

(a) features of the setting

(b) information given about Muni

3. Students were to draw a map of the village of Kritam and surrounding features mentioned in the text. As each class finished their prep work for the writing, the 15 minutes of writing time to complete the summary will be done for each section differently, as indicated below:
     Section 1 - done in class
     Section 2 - done at home, self timed
     Section 3 - will be done during next class.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Writing Contest Opportunity

Students from SFS have won up to $1,000 USD!

Writing Categories

• Font: 12 pt. Times New Roman or Arial
• Titles: Titles at the top of the first page only. Do not use a separate title page. Poems should be titled individually.
• Do Not Use Real Names: Real names should not be used. Winning work is displayed publicly and the identities of real people must be protected.
• No Name: The student’s name should NOT appear anywhere on the manuscript.
• No Images: No illustrations, photographs or graphics.
• Sources: Sources must be cited. Footnotes/works cited are not considered part of the word count.
• Collaboration: Collaborative works are not allowed in any writing categories

Short Story
Category Description
A fictional narrative written in prose.
Special Instructions
1,300–3,000 words.
Please note word length limits for Flash Fiction compared to Short Story.
Short Stories in which humor or science fiction/fantasy are key elements should be submitted in those respective categories.

Personal Essay / Memoir

Category Description
A self-revelatory work dealing with individual experience.
Special Instructions
Grades 7–8: 500–3,000 words.
Grades 9–12: 750–3,000 words.
This category includes nonfiction work only. Fictional essays should be submitted in the Short Story or Flash Fiction categories.


Category Description
Writing that uses satire, parody or humorous anecdote.
600 – 3,000 words.
Work in any genre in which humor is the key element should be submitted in this category.


Details on how to submit can be found here.  If you are interested in submitting work, please see Mrs. Lee to continue the editing process. You must be entered by January (exact date TBA). 

Also, DEC. 5 is the last day to submit work to Magpie, the school's literary magazine. If you wish to submit your memoir, please email Mrs. Lee at an electronic copy of your work.