Monday, January 21, 2013

Tuesday, January 22nd (section 3), Monday, January 21st (Section 1 and 2)


The midterm covering First Language Paper 2 was reviewed. Test-taking strategies were reviewed for questions 1 (Transformation), question 2 (Writer's Effects) and question 3 (Summary). For some classes, Mrs. Wilcox made an appearance and also reiterated test strategies and things to keep in mind. 


Question 1: Genre transformation

·      Tone is the Key (especially with dialogue) and creation of the voices that the 2 women would have.  In any text (letter article etc) the students must understand the voice in which they will write.
·      Address all 3 bullets

·      Length – it states 1.5- 2 sides

·      Imagined endings - too much deviation from the text (2 women going for coffee)

Question 2: Writer’s effects
·      Don’t go outside paragraph for info.
·      Don’t paraphrase analyse (PETER)
·      Short quotes (Words Phrases Images)
·      Bullet parts a) b) should be labeled and dealt with separately
·      Organization of this section needs work:
Grouping like ideas together to avoid repetition
1st sentence a thesis: The author describes the church as a terrible place for the wedding or Mr Kougar is described as being clownish, fun loving and clueless.
3-4 PETERs per answer

Question 3: Summary
·      No intro or conclusion
·      Planning works on 3 levels:
·               to ensure you have enough ideas (20+ to allow for errors in this one the three letters only got one point)
·               to avoid lifting from the text
·               to organize the ideas into similar ideas to avoid repetition or excess words.  


Since most students struggled with question 2 (Writer's Effects), students are to re-read the following excerpt and attempt the test prompt for section a only. Length: 1/2 to 3/4 a page only!
Paragraph 4: The church was a barn of a place, full of gloomy, eerie corners that goodness knows what livestock might inhabit. An intermittent dripping could be heard from somewhere far away, for today it was raining heavily and with age the roof had become an ill-fitting jigsaw. The congregation was aware of an unpleasant clamminess inside the church. Mrs Ferris-Grebe had chosen this place for her daughter’s wedding, as she and the major had been married here twenty-five years before. 

2 Re-read the descriptions of:
  1. (a)  the church in paragraph 4;
Select words and phrases from these descriptions, and explain how the writer has created effects by using this language. [Total: 10] 


Homework for Section 1: 

Answer the following questions and email Mrs. Lee at by 8:00 AM Thursday morning:

1. What did you notice about areas you can improve in
a. Question 1:
b. Question 2:
c. Question 3:

2. In review of my midterm, my narrative, my overall progress, effort and online presence, I believe my work this semester can be described as: (Choose one and elaborate).
a. Excellent because _____.
b. Good because ______.
c. Fair because _____.
d. Below my potential because _____.

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