Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Great Gatsby with Mrs. Lee

movie theater information including map and ticket costs can be found here: Yeongdeungpo CGV.

Dear Students,

Congratulations for completing the arduous process of the IGCSE examinations. I am already proud of you and with much anticipation look forward to seeing your results in August.

From now until the end of the year, you are in the unique position of not having homework or coursework required of you. However, here are some suggestions on how to make the rest of the school year meaningful:

1.     Past papers we have taken before are available for your review. If you’d like to reattempt the papers to raise you grade in class for your SFS quarter grade, you may do so at any time. Your portfolios are in my classroom. Because you have the opportunity to redo your work for a better score with one-to-one feedback (the same opportunity that has been available to you all year), no one should walk away from this course with a grade that accurately reflects skill acquisition.

2.     It is my opinion that there is a relation that ties overall life satisfaction to how much of your time and effort you allocate to serving yourself versus how much you use serving others. Now that you have the luxury of time on your hands, having completed your IGCSE exams, I hope to encourage you to find ways to encourage others in your community that are still taking exams and extend that generosity on your part to your families and other communities. While it is a gesture that will please others, it will also contribute to your overall happiness and satisfaction.

3.     Take this time to say goodbye to those students and teachers who are leaving SFS campus this year or conversely, say goodbye yourself. That means having meaningful conversations, writing letters, breaking bread. As we are a transient community, we cannot disregard the importance of marking the many changes we see in the members of our community. It is a way to remember the value we place on forging and maintaining relationships.


4.     I’d also like to invite you all to watch the Great Gatsby with me during after school hours. We didn’t get to read the text during the movie but I’d love to share the experience of seeing it in theaters for the first time with my students. We’ve come a long way after two years of studying together so I hope to see the film with you as a gesture of celebration. I will be at the CGV movie theater in Yeongdeungpo (near Yeongdeungpo Subway Station in the Times Square Mall) at 7:30 on Friday, June 7th. Please RSVP by signing up with me in room 015 no later than Friday, May 31st as tickets fill up quickly. Please pay for your ticket up front cash because the cost of the movie ranges from 10,000 - 13,000. The exact price will be posted soon. Popcorn is on me!

It’s been my pleasure being your teacher and I’m very proud of you. Again, congratulations on completing your first set of external examinations.


Mrs. Youngen Lee

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