Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday, Nov. 12th (section 3), Tuesday, Nov. 13th (Section 1 and Section 2)


1. The previous class we brought in sample visitor's guides and looked for trends in language.

a. We noticed the following:

* the use of active verbs (e.g. Explore, Experience, Get away)
* the use of the rhetorical question
* closer reference to the text to demonstrate reading comprehension
* the need to relay the totality of the scene, the big picture
* one paragraph is used to describe the attractions of the area
* the following paragraph is used to persuade people with different interests to spend some time there

b. We also noticed after correcting some of the student submissions that the examiners paid close attention to the following:

* convincing language sustained throughout
* interesting word choices
* a narrative style should not emerge
* language should attract the reader to the location

2. Today, we proceeded to read sample responses from our packet and graded them for both content and language according to the rubric, making note of trends we notice and examiner comments.

1. Finish the packet by reading the remaining responses and give them a grade for both content and language.

2. Bring a word bank to the class with at least 15 words you may want to use in your description, such as synonyms for hills, sunsets and and other words that may help to give the land an attractive quality.

3. For Section 2 only, pick up your summaries and turn in the edited copies by Thursday, Nov. 15th. They will be posted outside the English Department door, for those of you that handed me a hard copy. 

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