Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday, Nov. 26th (Section 3) & Tuesday, Nov. 27th (section 1 and 2)


1. Homework was checked for worksheet regarding First Language Paper 2 Question 2 (Writer's Effects).

2. A packet of student sample responses was handed out and gone over. Students made notes on what the examiners are looking for when responding to the question prompt. Also, students guessed the outcomes based on the rubric.


1. Finish the packet. It will be corrected on the following day and 30 minutes of class will be given to a timed writing based on the Writer's Effects worksheet. Open notes allowed.

2. Are you a happy person? How could you become more happy? Write a reflective comment below. 100 words.


  1. Overall, I believe that I am a happy person. I can relate to many of the 12 points in the picture. For example, I forgive easily and dislike holding grudges. In the picture, Learning to Forgive, is one point that I am sure I have no problem with. Even though most of the points apply to me, some I need to work with. I could become more happy by avoiding over-thinking (as stated in the picture.) I naturally over-think daily and harshly. I feel that if I didn't over-think, I would be happier and less worried. Also I have problems with commit and staying with my goals and eventually give up after a while, thus making me feel bad about my lack of commitment. Therefore, I think by committing more and not over-thinking I could become happier than I am now.

  2. Hi Joyce, A great reflection. Worrying is also something I struggle with and I'm sure many others do as well. I bet you do many things on the list well also.

  3. I believe I am a happy person. According to the 12 points, most of the points perfectly relate to what I do in everyday life. For example, I practice different acts of kindness and openly express my love and care for others. In addition, I also express my gratitude towards those who help me in times of need or even to those that may only do trivial acts of kindness. However, I could still become more happy by stressing on the small things and have a more optimistic and encouraging approach to anything I do or anything that is put in my way. I also want to be more spiritually happy and with this spiritual bliss I will be able to recognize that life is bigger than me and always to remember that I am not the mightiest of all. Finally, i would like to improve my happiness by improving my forgiving skills. I believe that sometimes I think of myself too much over others and in order to obtain happiness not only to me but to others, forgiveness is the key in doing so.

  4. Based on the twelve points listed above, I am a fairly happy person. For example, I always express my gratitude to people who I appreciate in my life. Furthermore, I rarely compare myself to others in a destructive way, and I strive to improve upon my past performances. However, I still have room to improve my outlook, as we all do. One aspect of happiness which I could improve in my life is forgiveness. Frequently, I find it difficult to forgive people who do something unjust to me. I realize that this is unhealthy, and I strive to improve this aspect of my personality.

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  6. I am a happy person. I can confidently and proudly say this, thanks to the hard times I have experienced. Although those times were tough on me back then, they have given me the confidence to overcome any problems I might face in the future and allowed me to mature. As a person who deeply cares about his friends and family, I believe I can become a happier person if they were as happy as I am, if not happier.

  7. I believe I'm a happy person, despite the fact I make decisions I regret, I tend to remain happy the whole day. The reason why, I don't let my bad decisions, ruin my day, or bring me down, is because, they're decisions I took, and now that they’re done, I can't really take back my actions, or maybe in some situations, not fix them. The past is the past, I don't let my past ruin my future. Most important to me, is that I accept my bad/irresponsible decisions, because, in my opinion, accepting the decisions, whether good or bad, makes life a whole lot easier.

  8. "It is only possible to live happily ever after on a daily basis." —Margaret Bonanno

    "Be happy," I remind myself everyday. I do this so I will never forget; never forget that there is so much to be happy about. Despite this truth, it is so easy to look to the tomorrows that 'promise' to be better. When I sink into this mindset, it is difficult to find happiness in the simple and mundane, and I forget to charish every moment in life. I do feel that I meet the twelve points of happiness, but it takes a concious effort.
    A woman I once knew constantly held the happiness of her life in her smile. At the time she had been trying to adopt a child for over a year. She dearly desired to be a mother but was unable to have a child of her own. Time after time adoption opportunities fell through, and her and her husband's chance of becoming parents seemed to diminish. When asked how she can be so happy, even in this challenging time, she replied, "It's not easy, and it requires constant effort, but I tell myself, 'I want to be happy', and I make sure I am."
    Ever since then, I have strived to always be happy. More often than not I succeed, but when I don't, I tell myself, "Pick up your head and don't pout, for there is so much to smile about." :)

  9. By carefully reading the 12 points mentioned, I believe that I am a fairly happy person. One thing I know for sure is that I am extremely thankful for my parents and how hard they work to give me the life I have. During my DW trip to Kathmandu, I met a man in the Dhalaghiri mountains who, despite having been born on a mountain and similarly raised in, who was striving towards his Master’s Degree in Chemistry. I realized that if he can do it, why can't I? I was born with many more advantages such as an amazing school and opportunities and I can't let myself complain about my life anymore because I have it good. Other points such as keeping healthy are something I love to do, and I try my best to be in the best relations with everyone in my life.