Friday, April 26, 2013

Literature 0486 Exam Study Guide

Paper 1 - Open Book

Use the following documents to reference during your studies.

RECENT SAMPLE EXAMS (with questions pertaining to Caesar!)

Sample Exam 1 from June 2012
Sample Exam 2 from June 2012
Sample Exam 3 from June 2012

Examiner's Report from June 2012
Grade Thresholds from June 2012

Sample Exam 1 from Nov. 2012 (partially taken during mock exam on Saturday, April 27)
Sample Exam 2 from Nov. 2012
Sample Exam 3 from Nov. 2012 

Possible Exam Questions (Try these at home!)
Doc 1
Doc 2
Doc 3
Doc 4 **

A Horse and Two Goats Sample Question and Essay
The Son's Veto by Thomas Hardy Worksheet
Custody of the Pumpkin PPT **
Destructors by Graham Green Sample Essay with annotations

A Different History by Sujata Bhatt Sample Essay
The Planners by Boey Kim Cheng Sample Essay

Drama Exercises / Notes
Julius Caesar Synopsis with quotes **

This video highlights the importance of vocabulary

Poetry and Prose Analysis Mnemonic
The Language of Argument, a helpful chart **
Conjunction and Discourse Words

Video on poetry comparison
Another video on poem responses with examples of how to incorporate quotes.

Video on how to analyze new poetry.

A great video on how to take a look at poetry devices but while analyzing pop culture music. (Try to get over the speaker's hair in her face the whole time!_

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