Sunday, September 23, 2012

Friday, September 21st (section 3) and Wednesday, September 26th (sections 1 and 2)

 Super Sophomores prepping for Tug of War.

Agenda for Section 3


 Students took a timed writing. Then attached their outline to their completed response. 45 minutes was marked on their papers for self-timing purposes.

List of verbs describing what an author does:

Agenda for Section 1 and 2 on September 26th


1. Per post on September 19th, students were to visit the link and complete the worksheet, found on an uneditable google doc. Students are to hand write their answers on the worksheet.

2. Students were handed back their quiz on My Greatest Ambition. The quiz was corrected for accuracy and then correct paragraph construction. A total of 7 points was possible. Students must correct their quiz by rewriting their quiz with both accurate answers and well-developed arguments.

3. Reading of IRB1 is extended to October 8th or 9th, the first day we return from Chuseok holiday break. 

Section 3 hard at work on their timed writing, especially Saleh. =)

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