Monday, September 10, 2012

September 10 (for sections 1&2)

Welcome to the IGCSE English Y2 class blog. As a supplement to Edline, we will be using our blogs as a way to document what was done in class. Refer to Edline for board photos of classes prior to this first blog and also a source for where documents that are not hyperlinked as a google doc here would otherwise be located.

I'd like to use this space to post Work of the Week, descriptions of what was done in class, and homework. Check this blog regularly and feel free to comment below on any of these posts to extend conversation further beyond what has gone on in the classroom.

Today we started with D.O.L. It was first copied erroneously and then corrected with a sage/scribe exercise in which a pair of students each take one role and then switch roles for the second sentence. When a student is designated the scribe, their sole purpose is to remain silent and copy according to the direction of the sage. The sage informs the scribe what corrections should be made including a justification for the correction.

Next, students were handed back their writing from a previous in-class times writing addressing the question, "Where is Brewster figuratively from in her poem, 'where I Come From'"? Students color-marked their peers page following the key after exchanging papers, write marginal comments, an then gave verbal feedback. The owner of the paper also related their observations about the paper they corrected. The final task assigned before students left for the day was to write a paragraph making note of their writing strengths and weaknesses.

This self-evaluation task is designed to hone student ability to self-assess. Students will be held accountable for their learning and free having recognized their writing deficits.

Homework: If students did not complete their color-marking, marginal notes, peer share, and then write their reflective paragraphs during class, the paragraph became the homework and the length was extended to the standard 300 word response.

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