Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wednesday, September 19th (section 3) and Monday, September 24th (Section 1 and 2)


Agenda for Section 1 and 2 on September 24th
Agenda for Section 3 on September 19th

 A brief overview of the exam that the students were preparing to take for Literature and First Language in Spring 2013 was given.

After, students were engaged in a full class discussion with minute pair shares interspersed to fine tune their observations about the constructive elements of My Greatest Ambition.

Notes from Section 2

The outline format was reintroduced and students were given time in class to work on developing a thesis while Mrs. Lee came around to give one-on-one help. 

Notes from Section 2


1. Watch the video by clicking here and the fill in the worksheet linked here. The google doc is not editable so be sure to print it out and hand write your answers, per usual in IGCSE land. The worksheet is due Tuesday, September 25th. Hint: You will find this video helpful to develop your understanding of what is expected of you so it may be helpful to complete this homework before Friday's timed' writing.

2.  Prepare an outline that addresses the question, How does the writer present the development of the character, Nu, in My Greatest Ambition? Be sure to construct your outline with it in mind that you will only 45 minutes to write a five paragraph essay.

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