Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tuesday, September 25th (section 3)


The important features of a narrative were reviewed. The rubric used for the First Language Paper 3 Section 2 were reviewed. An ecopy of this rubric can be found here.

Students were handed back their narrative works and given time in class to write a paragraph reflecting on what areas they'd like to improve.

Additionally, students corrected half of hteir worksheets they finished for class regarding A Fly in the Ointment. Students handed in their hand-written work at the end of the hour.


1. Students are to hand write their edits of their Memoirs and now lengthen their piece to 750 words giving special attention to elaborating on the setting, but also creating characters, perhaps introducing dialogue with it in mind that they are creating a piece that attempts to also include the crafted purposeful pieces of the writings we've been reading such as allusions, using punctuation for emphasis, extended metaphors and foreshadowing and the flashbacks to further their perspectives on one or more topics. This extension is due Monday, October 8th.

2. Students are to finish reading their IRB's with the extended deadline of Monday, October 8th.

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